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Anonymous asked: is a girl who's 5'11 and weighs 164 lbs too much? what's the average weight for a 16 year old girl that tall?

you cant really go by a specific number. we all look different at similar weights. just base it off of how you feel. if you feel uncomfortable in your skin, work out.

Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

im dominican and i live in ny

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm 19 weigh about 204 pounds. I wanna lose weight and I know I have to do a lot of cardio. You think 30 mins twice a day is enough for me to burn a lot of fat?

have you ever heard of t25? contact me. you can do just 25 mins a day and lose weight. its on sale this month so let me know and i can become your coach!

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I have ginormous thighs and my calfs are pretty big too, I was always a thick girl and you look really fucking amazing now btw I need to drop a good 80 pounds please help w suggestions. I'm just so embarrassed of my body especially my thighs and arms

girl you need to message me on facebook!

i actually have two programs that would be amazing for you that i can coach you through that are BOTH on sale this month. lets do this hun.