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Anonymous asked: Kills confidence when you dont post my submission 😣

it shouldn’t. im on my couch right now, looking bummy as hell and tired as hell, but not in bed because of the fact i have to get up to get to it. i’m the person looking through submissions. a regular, flawed human lol. don’t let my actions (or non actions) ruin your day. you’re all beautiful. i’m just picky sometimes.

Anonymous asked: How do you find the right foods to eat ? Isn't it time consuming to figure out what is really good for you?

its not time consuming at all. just eat foods that are minimally processed. it takes the same effort to grab a vegetable as it does to grab a snickers.  be mentally strong

Anonymous asked: What's the best way to flatten your stomach. Like what should your diet and workout routine be like

eat as clean as you can, all whole food. and incorporate a little cardio and weight training. diet is the biggest thing for a flat stomach. just eat right