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Anonymous said: How long do you think I should wait for him until I start the healing process :(

don’t wait. start.

Anonymous said: Yaas girl, the rational side of me knows this. But he's the hottest guy I've ever made out with. His body was banging. I don't see guys like him everyday. And I'm just like ugh won't get a guy that i'm that attracted to for a long time. I've never been like woah I really want this with anyone before. Attraction isnt everything but its important. Like i keep thinking if i had looked better/acted different, where would we be? Its a blow to my do i make it not hurt? Hes on my mind 24/7

i understand you. trust me. been there done that and it hurts the ego a lot. but its a learning experience. personally i’ve found the cuter the guy, the more issues he comes with! keep yourself busy. work out, hang out with friends.

Anonymous said: I've been in love with this guy for about a year now. We dated for a few months but I've never felt so strongly towards another individual. The problem is he's bipolar. We broke up but still acted like we were together. We almost got back together at least 3 times but stuff got in the way. He's now in a different relationship but he talks to me all the time and he keeps telling me he loves me. I can't stop thinking about him but I can't have him. It doesn't make sense what should I do? Thanks

i feel you hun. let him go and if he loves you, he should leave that relationship. tell him how you feel. maybe an ultimatum. he can’t string you along like that.

Anonymous said: I met this guy on tinder. He seemed super into me, showered me with compliments. He wanted to have sex but i explained i wanted to lose my virginity to someone I care about. He said he understood. I went to his house. We hung out, hooked up, cuddled, took a nap together. We seemed to have fun. He tried to have sex& i was so horny, i had to force myself to stop. And he said it was cool but now he's ignored me for 2weeks but opens my snapchat stories. :( i feel like shit honestly

don’t feel like shit! you dodged a bullet girl. he’s making it clear what he wanted. find someone who WON’T ignore you if they have to wait for sex. trust me, this is good.

Anonymous said: I gave him space yesterday and today idk how long he wants his space to be

wait for him to message you. he will if he wants to talk to you. if not, start the healing process babe. i’m sorry you’re in pain.

Anonymous said: Me and this girl have been off & on" Like argue one day, and happy another, it's weird to me because it's happening to me. my friend say I'm in love😑 I doubt it, but I'm not really sure. I think about her from time to time but she always start argument which made me put delete her #, now I regret it & we didnt talk in 2 months I could easily get another girl, but its like I can't move on from this girl Do you think Im in love or something because i dont know.

if you can’t stop thinking about her, then maybe you do love her. but love is much more than just thinking about someone. i think if you loved her you couldn’t stand going two months not talking.

Anonymous said: I'm dating this amazing girl. This is my first relationship in a while. My last relationship ended when I cheated on my then gf. I've felt like shit ever since. I've avoided a lot of relationships with girls since to availed disappointing any of them. My current gf knows and is ok with it. The past is the past. But I still can't shake the worry I'll disappoint her too. I could never cheat again. It killed me. How can I get over this feeling like I'm destined to fuck this up? I love this girl

just don’t fuck up. simple. no one’s holding a gun to your head. when you love someone, like truly love someone, staying faithful is easy.


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Anonymous said: How do I start trusting again...

start a clean slate. once trust is broken with someone, you’ll never fully get it back and you’ll mess yourself up trying.

Anonymous said: My bf wants space :( cause I keep on asking him if he loves me and he admitted that whenever I ask him that he loves me less and less :((

so give him space. don’t ever force yourself on a person. it just gets worse. i know it’s hard but if you really love him, its the only way to maybe fix things. but he kinda sounds like a dueche for saying that. 

indieintrovert said: @yxnglioness I'll follow back

great, thanks! just followed.

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Anonymous said: I used to talk to this guy we got really close over summer, once school (uni) started he stopped talking to me so I assumed I was only a fling to him. Aftr a month of no contact I bumped into him at school nd he said he'd text me this weekend to hangout but never did. Im not surprised but still idk. If I bump into him again I kno he’ll talk to me like nothin happend but how should I act? I dont wanna be mad like he got to me but I dont wanna but cute/friendly like I usually am. What would you do

just act normal love. don’t let him see you sweating or trying to figure out his motive. be happy and do you. men like a chase.